Rogue's Gaming

About Us

Rogue's Gaming are a down-to-earth, family run business based in Greater London.

We started playing Magic: The Gathering in the mid 90s and have had a gaming table in the homestead for as long we can remember. We're also rooted deeply in wargaming and miniature painting, having began our hobby life back in 1990. We have combined these passions to bring you Rogue's Gaming. 

Here you'll find a range of MTG singles and sealed product, popular RPG games as well as indie favourites, new and reconditioned Warhammer miniatures, and all the hobby supplies you need to kickstart your projects.

Hopefully you'll like what you see, if you have anything you're keen to share then get in touch and follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and TikTok!

Happy Gaming!

- Rogue