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Sell us your unwanted collection!

We are always happy to buy!

We don't wrestle with extensive buylists or confusing breakdowns, but if you'd like to sell us your collection we'd be happy to buy from you!

Just send us a finalized list of what you want to sell, or send us your collection through the post (tracked would be advisable!), and we'll try to give you the best price we can!

Trading Cards

The following price list is for bulk cards in NM condition:


Bulk MTG Rares - £0.10 each

Bulk MTG Mythic Rares - £0.30 each

Bulk MTG FOIL Rares - £0.20 each

Bulk MTG FOIL Mythic Rares - £0.60 each

Bulk MTG FOIL Commons/Uncommons - £0.05 each

Bulk MTG Commons/Uncommons - £0.01 for two

Bulk MTG Full Art Basic Land - £0.05 each

Bulk MTG Zendikar (ZEN) Full Art Basic Land - £0.10 each


Anything outside of this list will be priced fairly on an individual card basis, and card condition may affect pricing.


For those of you with collections of miniatures or gaming books please note we do only buy-in authentic games workshop and forge world miniatures as a rule, but other games systems will be considered and we're happy to look at all collections of books - just let us know in advance.

Just package your collection securely and send it to our address, and we'll give you the best quote we can - usuallywithin a few days!   

For any further details just contact us via email:

- Rogue