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Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Behold! Our long-awaited miniatures catalogue for Warhammer - The Game Of Fantasy Battles.

Find here an ever growing selection of minis from Citadel, Forge World and Marauder

All models will be sold as seen and in excellent condition unless otherwise stated

Some minis may show signs of reconditioning and many pieces may contain lead and small parts.

Enjoy, fabled heroes of the tabletop, feast your eyes and spend your gold!

- Rogue

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more_vertEmpire War Wagon Crewman with Repeater Handgun - Warhammer
£11.00Ex Tax: £11.00

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Empire War Wagon Crewman with Repeater Handgun - Warhammerclose

Miniatures may show signs of paint stripping and useAll miniatures sent out as seen in image unless otherwise stated.Older miniatures may contain LeadContains small partsNot suitable for children under the age of 14..