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Established in 1968, Milliput is one of the world's leading producers of epoxy putties.

Milliput remains a family run company committed to manufacturing a high quality product, who pride themselves on that their products are manufactured and distributed from theirpremises in Wales to over 35 countries worldwide.

Milliput is a two-part, cold setting, non shrinking epoxy putty sold in cartons containing 113.4gm. One 56.7gm stick of each part. They produce five grades of Milliput: Standard (Yellow/Grey), Terracotta, Silver Grey, Black and Superfine White.

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Standard Milliput is the general purpose grade - it has been used for many years for the toughest tasks.Typical applications:    Filling dents and scores in metal, plastics or woods    Repairing water and fuel systems    Caulking, filling and sealing on fiberglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls    Modelmaking    Jew..