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Warmachine Escalation
Warmachine Escalation
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Warmachine Escalation

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The armies of the Iron Kingdoms are on the move.
Four nations are locked in a deadly struggle that will decide the fate of humanity.

Sparked by Khador’s invasion of Llael under the first snowfall of winter, war has indeed come to the Iron Kingdoms. As Cygnar’s ally falls to the troops of the Khadoran Motherland, rumours circulate in the south that the Protectorate of Menoth is gathering its forces for a Holy Crusade to reclaim the lands of their god. Meanwhile, the Dragonfather’s baleful gaze falls hungrily on the mainland, and His nightmare legions move unseen through the chaos of war. Left without allies and surrounded on all sides, Cygnar—the Jewel of the Iron Kingdoms—braces itself between the proverbial hammer and anvil for the next thundering blow to fall!

WARMACHINE: ESCALATION propels players into the heart of the expanding conflict! The glorious full-colour pages herein contain:

Additional background on all factions and mercenaries
Nearly fifty new models to bolster your armies, including never- before-seen characters, warjacks, and solos, as well as new model types, like unit attachments and earth-shaking field artillery
Extensive campaign details spanning a full year of brutal warfare
A 26 page showcase and modelling guide by Rivet Head Studios
Expansive rules for new and devastating weapons of war
The massive WARMACHINE: ESCALATION campaign presents 48 scenarios spanning a full year of warfare. Broken into season- long chapters, each scenario focuses on a particular faction and geographical location. From the bitter ice and snow of a Khadoran winter, the campaign moves into a Cygnaran spring, then southward for a long hot Protectorate summer and, finally, the Dragon Lord Toruk has His day in a Cryxian autumn.

Not for the faint of heart, WARMACHINE: ESCALATION is a pulse-pounding, mind-blowing, metal-grinding incursion into the hazards of warfare in the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms from Privateer Press.

Play like you’ve got a pair!