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Paupers' Ladder
Paupers' Ladder
Paupers' Ladder
Paupers' Ladder
Paupers' Ladder
Paupers' Ladder
Paupers' LadderPaupers' LadderPaupers' Ladder
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Paupers' Ladder

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There's a tournament on and those high and mighty heroes aren't allowed to enter. It's up to you grave diggers, vermin catchers and scavengers to show them how it's done.

With your bird companion in tow, craft recipes, complete quests, learn virtues and fight all manner of creatures. Win the right to rule Brighthelm and ensure your fellow paupers are never forgotten.

Paupers' Ladder is a game of high adventure and class struggle for 2-4 players, set in the magical and dangerous world of Brighthelm. For lovers of games like Talisman, Escape The Dark Castle and Small World, this is a must! 


“Exceptional playability. Exploring and seeing what the world of Brighthelm has to offer is a rewarding endeavour.” Meeple Gamers

“Paupers’ Ladder is delightful. Easily the most charming game I have played in recent memory.” Hungry Gamer

“The beauty of Pauper’s Ladder is its simplicity and its tribute to classic games. Something truly special.” I Play Red

“An appealing adventure game. The attractive art adds hugely to the charm of Paupers' Ladder.” Board’s Eye View

“If you like Talisman then this, with its exploration of the world you’re in, is a great alternative.” The Chubby Meeple