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Warmachine Superiority
Warmachine Superiority
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Warmachine Superiority

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Total War in the Iron Kingdoms™!
Superiority™ thrusts players into the churning storm of total war and puts a face to the mud-slogging soldiers who form the fighting arm of every nation. Discover the structure and inner workings of each kingdom’s military machine, then charge the battlefield with new epic warcasters, warjacks, units, and troop types. New strategies, tactics, and combos ensure that your WARMACHINE battles have never been more brutal!

Immerse yourself in gripping tales of steam-powered warfare told from the flesh and blood soldier’s point of view.
Thunder across the battlefield with all new cavalry units never before seen in WARMACHINE!
Strike fear into the hearts of your opponents with five new epic warcasters, then bolster the abilities of your army with heroic character solos armed to the teeth and ready for battle!
Sell your sword to the highest bidder with all new mercenary contracts.
Explore the detailed anatomy of each faction’s military, including organizational charts and descriptions of famous units.
Construct themed armies then customize their look and feel with specialized military insignias, honors, and awards.

WARMACHINE: Superiority™ delivers 208 pages of pulse-pounding, war-raging action and excitement destined to leave you burning for battle in the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms.