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Cadwallon Rulebook
Cadwallon Rulebook
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Cadwallon Rulebook

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A tactical role-playing game, set in the fantasy world of the miniature wargame Confrontation. The combats are supposed to be played with miniatures from that game. ~ The game is set in Cadwallon, the Free City. Cadwallon is a cosmopolitan city outside of the conflicts of Ragnarok. The city is divided in eleven fiefdoms, each with its own ruling family. The families are vassals of the elected Duke. In addition to the duke and the nobility, the guild also wields considerable power. Player characters are all part of another power in the City: The Free Leagues, heirs to the mercenaries that helped to found the city. They are bound to the Duke, but may also be hired by all other people to do jobs for them.

Language is English